Alexis Blair is a musician from san francisco


Guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer, songwriter. Alexis learned to love music at an early age. Raised on classic rock and blues, schooled in punk and metal, and comfortable in just about any setting, as the  Bassist for Indie Rock band El Gato Dice and drummer for both Deathrock/Post Punk band Mystic Priestess, and Trans Superhero Rock Opera The Red Shades she brings her voice, passion, and rock n roll know-how to the stage and the studio.

Previous work includes Bassist for punk rock band Run Amok and metal band Lowcaster, Guitarist for geek rock band Kessel Run, and drummer for garage rock band The Krypters

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 1: Tristan Crane for 2-3: Dan McGreal   4-6: Rosalie Abbot  7-9: Sam Madnick