It's pride weekend! YAY! 

Last year was an interesting one,  as far as Pride and I go. I was invited to come out to Dolores Park to celebrate. The morning of I heard the news that the Supreme Court had ruled that denying same sex marriages is unconstitutional. #LoveWins was everywhere and I got caught up in the fervor.

However, I was still celebrating and drinking and eating "magic" brownies as an ally. I was strongly questioning my gender at the time, but I had made no solid conclusion yet. So I went out to Dolores Park to party with my friends as a man. A straight man. 

A note about gender dysphoria and how it affects me: When I see a pretty girl or a cute feminine dress I feel a pang of longing to be that. It's better now that I've embraced who I am, but it's still there. Now, last year at pride I saw so many pretty girls and a whole lot of cute dresses. Turns out when I'm surrounded by friends and so much positive partying it's hard to remember to feel dysphoric. 

This year it's going to be a little different. This year I'm attending Pride not as an Ally but as a Transgender Lesbian. This year I will participate in the Trans March and this year I will remember the people who fought for my ability and right to do these things. 

Have a wonderful SF Pride everyone. Stay safe and be excellent to each other. 

Party on Dudes!