I never used to think about "my place" in the world, the workplace, or whatever. I never thought too much about what opportunities I have or don't have, or my privilege.

I think about that a lot now. Privilege especially. I live in a pretty liberal city with a large LGBTQAI population and more importantly I can afford to live here because I have a decent job that is not just accepting but welcoming. My parents and friends are supportive of who I am and what I do.

I am by no means the best off. There are plenty of people who have it better somehow than me, but today is not about that. It's not about who's better than who or who has more. It's about wanting there to be no contest.

It's International Women's Day today but that doesn't mean we're better than men. It means we just want to be equal. Held to the same standards professionally and personally, and for men to be held to the same standards as us. It shouldn't be "who should make more money, men or women". There should be no "battle of the sexes" there should just be people.

But for the time being, while things are not equal, we stand in defiance that we are inferior. We stand together with our sisters and allies. Cis or trans; white, black, asian, latinx, middle eastern, indigenous or whatever you are. We stand for you and with you.

Let's get the good ending. Together.