It's Pride Weekend, which means Marches and Celebrating. As happy as I am to celebrate my queerness, I can't help but feel tempered by the state of society/my place in society.

Here's my reality: I live in a generally socially progressive city where I can be myself. My full true self. I don't have to hide that I'm transgender, or pansexual, or even kinky. I consider myself lucky that I have a diverse group of friends who all see me as a person and a family that supports me. These are really things I shouldn't feel particularly lucky to have right? Shouldn't people have real friends and a family that loves them regardless of sexual orientation or gender?

There's a distinct dichotomy in the entire US of thinking we've got it okay while right outside our doors there's at best issues that need to be solved and at worst a myriad of human rights violations. From homeless populations on the rise to fucking concentration camps in our own backyards.

This topic has been kicking around my head for a while now, not being put to page because I'm afraid to seem hypocritical when I talk about how bad it can be and is when I'm relatively stable. But it's more important than ever to not just be aware of what's going on but to care enough to fix the problems before we lose what power we have.

I'm not going to make any statements or platitudes about "Turning over a new leaf" or "Going forwards I'm goint to..." and I'm not judging anyone's actions. I am going to consider what I can do to help bring up our society when it's as low as it is. I don't have the solution to our problems but I can work towards finding them. Maybe you want to help.